DTMF Module-1000x1000                                          

DTMF Decoder Electronic Module 


This module decodes DTMF audio signal from mobile phone audio Jack or land line phone and convert them into binary signal. These output signals are TTL level signal and can be directly connected to a microcontroller.


  • Decode DTMF audio signals to binary output signal
  • TTL Level compatible (Directly connection to Microcontroller)
  • 3.5mm Male Jack Connected with module (No need to purchase extra)
  • High quality PCB material & original components only
  • Each module tested with automatic testing machine


  • Security & Surveillance system
  • Smart home system
  • Water pump control system
  • Robot control system

Circuit Specification

  • Supply Voltage – 5 V
  • Maximum Current – 100mA
  • Output voltage – (0 to 5V)
PIN No PIN Information
GND Supply Ground
5V Supply +5V
Q1 1st Binary Output
Q2 2nd Binary Output
Q3 3rd Binary Output
Q4 4th Binary Output
STD Delayed Steering Output
AUDIO_IN Audio jack output at this PIN


*** In case of connection from landline phone please connect a 0.1uf Capacitor in series with “module ground” and “phone line”.

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