Linear Power Supply-250x250This linear regulator power supply provides constant voltage at its output without any effect from input voltage fluctuations. This is used in electronic control circuit like microcontroller & microprocessor based circuit.

Circuit Specification

  • Maximum Input voltage – 40V AC/DC
  • Output voltage – +5V & +3.3V
  • Maximum continues current –  1.5 A Each
  • Connectors & indication LEDs available at output


          PIN Information

I/P -POWER Input Voltage (Maximum – 40V AC or DC)
O/P-1 Supply No 1 Output (+5V)
O/P-2 Supply No 2 Output (+3.3V)

Features :

  • Internal thermal overload protection available
  • Internal short circuit current limiting
  • Low noise & highly stable
  • Heat Sink available in module
  • High quality PCB material & original component only
  • Each module tested with automatic testing machine


  • Robotics Systems
  • Automotive Doma
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Smart Home System
  • Industrial Control System

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