Ultrasonic Sensor-1000x1000This ultrasonic distance sensor provides stable & accurate distance measurements. This module designed with very highly reliable ultrasonic transducer pair. It works on 40 KHz frequency and is highly suitable for making different types sensors for measuring distances & detecting obstacles.

Connect the VCC & ground pins to the supply. Connect trigger input pin (Trig) pin to a digital output & echo (Echo) pin to a digital input of microcontroller. Pulse the Trig pin high for at least 10us and then wait for a high level on the Echo pin. The amount of time it takes to receive the echo corresponds to the distance that the ultrasonic sound has traveled.

This sensor uses ultrasonic sound to measure distance just like bats & dolphins. The Sensor has two main parts transmitter & receiver. Transmitter generates ultrasonic sound and receiver receives its echo from any object in its way.

Sound travels at approximately 340 meters/Second. This provides 29.412us for each 1 cm distance. Formula to measure distance is as following.

D = (T * S) / 2


D = Distance

T = Time

S = Speed of Sound

Circuit Specification

  • Supply Voltage – 5 V DC
  • Maximum Current – 20 mA
  • Output voltage  – TTL Level
  • Range – 2 cm to 450 cm
  • Accuracy – 2 mm
  • Focus – 15 Degree


          PIN Information
VCC Supply + 5V
Trig Trigger (Input)
Echo Sound Echo (Output)
GND Supply  Ground


  • Accurate distance measurement or obstacle sensing
  • TTL level compatible (Directly connection to Microcontroller)
  • TRIG & Echo signal for easy communication
  • High quality PCB material & original component only
  • Each module tested with automatic testing machine


  • Robotics Systems
  • Automotive Domain
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Smart Home System
  • Industrial Control System

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